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THIS WEEK’S Salads, Soups & Sides: 


Salads -  $8.80 (side for 2, lunch for 1)

Tabbouleh with Feta, Scarlet Slaw with Mint White Balsamic Dressing


Soups: (all 600ml tubs – lg single)

Call to check stock availability


Sides: (500ml – side for two)

Parmesan Roast Potatoes


Daily (and changing pending chefs whims and produce availability)  ‘Ready in Five’ all- in--one meals in our fridge now – complete, affordable, healthy, quick!  Call or email to check stocks and availability.




Spinach Haloumi Gnocchi with Tomato Basil Sauce -  $13.80 (Lg sgle) – vegetarian

Gnocchi means dumpling, and these souffle like dumplings made with spinach, haloumi, eggs and ciabatta crumbs are light, satisfying and delicious – surrounded with our tomato and basil house made sauce, ready to reheat in the oven.


Greek Spring Lamb Stew with Orzo, Feta & Mint - $14.50 (single) / $29.00 (double) –gluten free without the Orzo

Based on the Greek dish 'Youvetsi', this casserole of lamb shoulder is slowly cooked with lemon, tomatoes, cinnamon, honey and spices, and is accompanied with orzo tossed with buffalo feta and chopped mint.


Modern Chicken Tagine  - $16.90 (2 cutlets –lg single) / $29.90 (lg db – 4 cutlets)

A new recipe, this aromatic tagine has warming spices and is braised with olives and cauliflower.  Delicious on its own, with crusty bread, with couscous, mash or pasta


Prawn & Brown Rice Biryani - $14.80 (lg sgle -600ml)

A delicious all in one dish this biryiani  is cooked with our own ground spices, yoghurt and passata,  and is finished with spinach and peas.