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This Week’s Salads:  $8.80 - $9.80 (500 ml approx – lunch for 1, or side for 2)

 Roasted Veg and Israeli Couscous with Feta and fresh herbs

 Chicken Vermicelli & Vegetable Slaw with a spicy peanut and coconut milk dressing

 Side Salads daily ($4.80)

Anzac Day 25 April– We will be closed. FRESH ON FRIDAY  20  APRIL 2018

Individual Meat Loaves with Barbecue Sauce - $11.80 ea (single) – dairy free

Our hearty meat loaf is cooked in a sweet, smoky and tangy barbecue sauce.  These are a generous single portion (250gms approx.) making them much quicker to heat.

Slow Cooked Tamarind Beef Cheeks  - $13.50 (sg) / $26.90(db)– gluten free/dairy free

We don’t have to say much as the title says it all!.  Delicious melt in the mouth beef cheeks in a dark sticky tamarind sauce.

Cauliflower and Mac Cheese - $17.90 (large single, side or small meal for two) / $29.90 (large dble, side for four) - vegetarian

A modern yummy take on macaroni cheese, with roasted cauliflower and casareccia pasta in a creamy flash cheese sauce made with provolone cheese, then topped with a parsley & parmesan crumb.

Prawn, Pumpkin & Cashew Thai Red Curry - $12.90 / $24.90 – gluten free/dairy free

A red curry with lime leaves, lemongrass & coriander with the prawns just added at the end, ready to finish off when you reheat. Ready by 10.30am Friday.