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This Week’s Salads:  $8.80 (500 ml approx – lunch for 1, or side for 2)

Another two seasonal salads this week:

Autumn Silverbeet Slaw with toasted sunflower seeds and Dijonaise dressing on the side - gluten free

Roast Pumpkin, Le Puy Lentil & Arborio Rice Salad with rocket, red onions and toasted walnuts, and a balsamic drizzle on the side - gluten free


Just a reminder that our new Ready In Five meals are healthy and lite (portion controlled and priced to suit!) – AND change atj the chef’s whims and availability of produce.

So please just call or email if you want to know whats available at the time – we won’t know what they will be in a few days’ time!   And check us out of Facebook and Instagram too ..


An early Easter has us all working hard in the kitchen. We will be OPEN EASTER SATURDAY,  but closed the Friday and Monday. Our fabulous baker, Lee, has started baking little Pistachio & Lemon Easter Cookies – a small shortbread style cookie.  $9.80 a jar, these are scrumptious with a cuppa!  On sale from tomorrow, Thursday 22 March.

There will be a small  FRESH ON THURSDAY next week – we will post this on Monday



Chicken Satay Curry  - $11.50 (sg) / $22.90 (db) – gluten free/dairy free

We have been trialling this out on teenagers and family!  It’s a winner, made with free range chicken thigh pieces, Malaysian style spices, peanut butter (we use Pics!) and coconut milk, seasoned with kikkoman soy sauce, a little palm sugar and a dash of lime juice to balance it all out.   Tip – add left over veg, potatoes or kumara when heating up for extra goodness. (root vegetables should be cooked first, as the curry is made and just needs a five minute heat up on the stove)

Healthy Nasi Goreng - $12.80 (600ml, lg single or two sides) – gluten free/vegan   

Despite being made 'healthy' with the use of brown rice and loads of vegetables, our version of the ever popular Indonesian fried rice is really delicious and moreish.  It freezes extremely well and you can add your own trimmings, Bali style if you want - a fried egg and/or some grilled prawns or chicken. Or you can serve it as a side to barbecued or grilled fish or meats. Needless to say it's yummy enough on its own too!  Ready by 11 am Friday morning

Salmon Hash Cakes - $8.80 ea – gluten free (limited quantities - please book) Repeated by request

Made the old school way with generous amounts of fresh brined and roasted salmon, smashed potatoes, spring onions, sour cream and a little horseradish.  Ideal brunch or supper food, try these heated and topped with a poached egg.  Or add some store bought hollandaise for an easy weekend hash cake benedict!

Chicken Cacciatore Pasta Bake –  $18.50 (large single, small double)/ $29.80 (2-4)

Multi coloured spiral pasta with chicken and bacon in a rich and flavoursome tomato, fresh herb & white wine sauce, drizzled with a topping of béchamel sauce and mozzarella. Great comfort food, and family friendly too.


Brussel Sprouts with Lemon zest, Toasted Walnuts and Dates – $10.80 (500ml – side for two) - vegan, gluten free

Time for some autumn sides and we know this will sell out, so book asap.  Sprouts are sautéed in evo, chopped dates, toasted walnuts and lemon zest. Ready by 8 am Friday morning

Lemony Rice Pudding  $9.80 (600ml – 2-3 serves) – gluten free

With loads of lemon zest, our delicious rice pudding is excellent cold with summer poached fruits for a fancy pudding.  Also good just on its own of course. Ready by 11 am Friday morning