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Price Increase – Sorry folks, but Seed Crackers have put their price up, and  they are now $9.80 per bag.

Loads of our house made goodies now on our shelves, so have a look and book ahead if you need these for pressies later in the month.  The fudge, coconut ice and bliss balls all have approx a one month expiry on them, and should be kept in the fridge or a cool place. (They actually do last much longer if kept cool.) If you book ahead, we will put away a freshly made one for you, just before your pick up/delivery date so they last through Christmas.

Our jars of goodies are ideal combining together in our gift bags, or alone in our cello bags, perfect for teacher, hostess or secret santa gifts.

Available now – for reserving or purchasing

Belgian Chocolate Fudge with Pistachios and Dried Black Doris Plums  - $15.90 - gf
Chocolate Brandy Bliss Balls - $8.90 - gf
Raspberry Coconut Ice - $8.90 - gf
50/50 Treat Boxes (mix of Chocolate Bliss Balls & Raspberry Coconut Ice) - $8.90 - gf
Crimson Chutney - $7.80  gf 
Preserved Lemons - $8.80 - gf
Cashmere Chutney - $7.80
Sticky Onion Jam - $7.80 - gf
Old Fashioned Tomato Relish - $7.80 
Berry Jams - $8.80 – gf
Almond & Cashew Dukkah - $6.50 - gf
Rosemary, Lemon & Chilli Salt - $5.80 - gf
Spicy Sprinkles - for salads, soups & garnishes - $8.80 - gf -  NEW! (seeds, nuts, coconut)
Dark Chocolate Coated Cranberries - $10.80  -  NEW!

 If you missed our Xmas email, give Lisa a call on 4806625 or email: info@thecasualfoodie.co.nz

This weeks SALADS

(single serve or side for two)

Tabouleh with feta & Pomegranate Seeds - with parsley, tomato, red onion, cucumber, evo and lemon juice $9.80 gluten free
Scarlet Salad -with beetroot, carrot, red capsicum, red cabbage, red onion with mint and white balsamic dressing $9.80 gluten free
Side Salads - available daily - $4.80 – side for two – vegan/gf