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Now is the perfect opportunity to beat the Christmas rush and stock up on all your favourites - whether it's sweet treats, pantry goods, condiments and preserves, fresh and frozen meals, soups and salads. This offer applies for anything from our delicious menu, and goodies on our shelves. Orders must be paid for and delivered before 30 November to qualify and this offer is valid only on all deliveries to the Auckland Metropolitan Delivery Area - you can check with us, or on the Urgent couriers website. 

XMAS is nearly upon us again – and we are beginning to pack and ribbon!
If you did not see last week’s Festive Season email (sent last Thursday) just email and we will send you one back.

This weeks SALADS

(single serve or side for two) 

Raw Energy Salad – $9.80 – gf/vegan
Carrot, beetroot, apple & zucchini with toasted pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds and a ginger, lemon & orange juice dressing on the side. 
Moroccan Chicken & Hummus Buddha Bowl - $12.80 – gf
Brined and Moroccan spiced roasted chicken breast pieces with our own lemony hummus, herbed couscous, carrot, beetroot, pickled ginger, broccoli, & toasted black & white sesame seeds
Side Salads - available daily - $4.80 – side for two – vegan


Chicken & Kumara Saagwala  -  $17.80 (db) - gf
Our ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ option this week is another of our favourite curries. Aromatic and bright green from plenty of spinach with kumara pieces to add to the healthy veg mix.  Add some roti or bread, rice if you like, and dinner is done. Ready by Friday 11am 

Shepherd’s Pie with Kumara & Potato Mash - $12.50(sg) / $24.90 (2) – (family size on request - order before Thursday morning please) – nb: the only gluten product in this is the Worcestershire sauce which is made with malt vinegar. Our vege-ful, modern take on a traditional recipe. Lamb mince slowly simmered with leeks, parsnips and silverbeet, with the traditional flavourings of Worcestershire sauce, tomato passata and Dijon mustard. Finished with a kumara and potato mash, this meal-in-one delivers total deliciousness, and a load of veggies. Ready Thursday afternoon