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We are now opening til 8pm on Wednesdays – Come along this week and have a cracker and dip, or try one of our summer desserts.  Christine will be here to answer any questions, help with meal suggestions and listen to any requests.

THIS WEEK’S Salads  Soups and Sides :

Salads -  $8.80 (side for 2, lunch for 1)

Spring baby gourmandine potato salad with capers, lemon, mint, red onion and sour cream (Friday only)

Raw energy with seeds and cranberries, ginger & orange juice

Roasted broccoli and Israeli couscous salad with pecorino, preserved lemon and a basil lemon dressing

Soups: (all 600ml tubs – lg single)

Plenty of soups in the freezer…

Also we have a batch of our Almas chicken soup without the pumpkin (oops!) and we are selling this for $8.50 a tub – it still tastes great of course!!

Sides: (500ml – side for two)

Potato Mash - $8.80 – gluten free

Kumara & Coconut  Puree with ginger and fresh coriander (in the freezer) $10.80 – gluten free

Stir Fry Veg with soy ginger stir fry sauce $7.80 – vegan/gluten free.

Potato Salad -  see above


Our  ‘Ready in Five’ meals are a light nutritious (single) microwave meal – with the focus on plenty of veg and wholegrains. These make a quick lunch or light evening meal.  Meals change constantly, based on chefs whims and produce availability. Pricing around $10-11.

Ready in Five meals currently available  (call for availability):.

Asian braised pulled beef cheek with fresh rice noodles and bok choy -  $10.80 – gluten free

Cooked vegetarian lasagna portions  - $10.80 - vegetarian

Aubergine fennel, red pepper and tomato basil sauce with spelt spaghetti and parmesan – vegetarian - $10.80

Tex mex veg and black bean hotpot with coriander black rice, sour cream and a little cheese –- $9.80 – vegetarian/gluten free

Thai green chicken, spinach & bean curry with brown rice (from Thursday) - $10.80 – gluten free/dairy free


Malaysian Chicken (free range) 'Curry Kapitan' - $14.50 (1) / $28.50 (2) - gluten free/dairy free

This is a classic Nonya style chicken curry from Penang where the 'Kapitan' was the head of the community and a very important person.  We have taken Rick Stein's version as our base, and have added in potatoes which are commonplace in Malaysian curries..

Dal Makhani - $14.80 (600mls – lg sgl or side for 2-3) – vegetarian/gluten free

A classic Indian favourite, with urad dhal, green lentils, black beans and baby spinach, with a creamy spiced tomato sauce, it is hearty and moreish.

Flash Fish Pie with Filo  - $14.50(1) / $28.80(2) (family size by request, order before Thursday night).

A medley of fresh terakihi, salmon and prawns in our delicious creamy lemon, parmesan & parsley sauce, then topped with scrunched filo and sesame seeds.  Ready by 11am Friday.

Beef Short Ribs in Red Wine & Rosemary - $17.50 – gluten free - (large single – each portion is approximately 400gms raw weight – reducing to approx. 200 when cooked)

Our slightly aged beef short ribs will be cooked until meltingly tender in a rich red wine, tomato and rosemary sauce.  Limited portions – we will take a wait list for next week. (see sides above)

Middle Eastern Winter Vegetable & Chickpea Ovenbaked Rice Pilaf - $14.80 (600mls – lg sgle or side for 2-3) - vegan/gluten free

Aromatic and a little spicy, this pilaf is full of goodness, with basmati rice, cauli & pumpkin, with the addition of pine nuts and currants for texture and sweetness. Try this with a poached egg or yoghurt...