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This Week’s SALADS   $8.80 - $9.80 (500 ml approx lunch for 1, or side for 2)

Side Salads daily ($4.80)

Roast Pumpkin and Red Rice Salad with rocket, red onion, red peppers, toasted pumpkin seeds and a Dijon vinaigrette – vegan/gluten free

Vietnamese Green Vegetable Salad with crushed salted peanuts and a spicy Vietnamese dressing – gluten free

 SOUPS $9.80 - $10.80 (600ml – lg sg, or entree for 2)

Almas Chicken Soup – coming out Wednesday afternoon.  Chef’s dilemma later in the week. Plenty in the freezer, call for varieties.

 WEEKLY SPECIALS  -  Week Ending 22 JUNE 2018

 Beef & Caramelised Onion Pies  - $16.90(1-2) / $26.90 (3-4)

Filled with a slow cooked, dark hearty braise of beef and caramelised onions, enriched with our own Sticky Onion Jam.  Ready to cook in a moderate oven for approx. 35 – 45 mins (depending on the size).  Be sure to book as these always sell out!

 Spinach, Feta & Ricotta Filo Parcels - $12.90 ea - vegetarian

A generous sized filo parcel, with spinach, feta, ricotta, pecorino cheese, toasted pine nuts and fresh herbs.   These are ready to cook in your own oven - takes about 25 minutes to cook.  Serve on its own or with a green salad.

Chicken Satay Curry - $11.90 (sg) / $23.90 (db) – gluten free

Made with free range chicken thigh pieces, Malaysian style spices, peanut butter (we use Pics!) and coconut milk, seasoned with Kikkoman soy sauce, a little palm sugar and a dash of lime juice to balance it all out. Delish! (Tip – add left over cooked veg when heating up for extra goodness)

Pork , Leek & Prune Casserole - $12.90(1) /  $25.90(2) – gluten free

Just the thing for this cold weather, our retro casserole of braised free range pork shoulder pieces is braised with prunes, leeks, and generous amounts of port!  Slow cooked until meltingly tender. Accompany this with either potato or kumara mash, or baked potatoes.

Caramel Roasted Pears, with a Walnut Cookie Crumb and Crème Anglaise. $8.90 ea (single)

Heat your dessert in the oven (or microwave) and simply pour over the Crème Anglaise. The title says it all.